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Our team has over 30 years combined experience working in tech and sourcing tech talent for US companies. We match you with the best talent for your open positions.  We help you hire individuals or teams to round out or augment departments and teams.  We believe the best talent is not limited by location and we believe in rounding out the global financial and cross-cultural divide. 


Type of Talent

We focus primarily on tech talent, professionals who have 5-15 years experience in software engineering with a variety of languages.  We also have managers and team leads with 10-20 years experience available to lead teams.   

All of our talent is pre-vetted, top ranked, and available for long term projects. 

Remote Training

We have been working remotely for over 10 years.  However, we understand that not all clients have the same level of familiarity or expectations from remote workers as we do.  So, we provide a remote work team integration training package and ongoing support that allows you the confidence in optimal team performance. 

Our Mission 

With 7+ billion people on the planet, it's really simple - the best talent should be matched with the best jobs.  There is no talent shortage.  We believe in global wealth distribution and cross-cultural collaboration for a better, more connected world with diverse, progressive ideas and optimal teamwork. Imagine what we can create and the impact it will have when the planet puts its greatest minds together. 

Top 5% talent in the world tested vetted and proven

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