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By the time you get up in the morning, and commute to work, spend the day at work, then come home your best hours are gone.  Lived.  

Time is your most precious asset.  

2 weeks vacation is really just a time to recoup.  By the time you're finally feeling balanced again, it's time to go back to work.  Back on the hamster wheel.  The term is rat race for a reason.  But we don’t have to tell you this.  That’s why you’re here.  

Time is your most precious asset.

How you want to work

You can work at a great job, that you love, with great culture, yet still go home to your partner and kids every night.  No need to commute.  No sitting in a car or the train, wasting precious hours of your life.  Work in sweats. Or fluffy bunny slippers.  Or, whatever you want.  We won't judge you.  Don’t shower for 2 days.  We can't smell you.     

Where you want

Have you been to Thailand lately?  Beach, Wi-Fi, and $2 Pad Thai while getting paid?    Or stay near your family and not have to travel to the big city just to network to get a good job.  Or move when your spouse gets offered the big promotion and has to change locations.  You never have to change your job to move.  


When you want

Work when you’re most productive.  Save mornings for high priority, focused work. Then break for lunch and the gym or a hike. In the afternoon, do more deep focused work or clean up your inbox. Having a daily routine that works for you is critical to your success. 

Focus on health and wellbeing.  Change your commute time into yoga or gym time.  Spend 30 minutes meditating versus driving on the freeway.  Spend 30 minutes napping or going for a mid-day hike with the pups and come back fresh and more productive after some restorative time.  Start the morning with your morning new or breakfast with your kids, rather than running around to find your cleanest suit.  

Foster deeper relationships with friends and family, time that you’ll never get back.  

Travel to any place in the world, plug in, and don’t worry about having to hurry back.  You’re on a workation not a vacation.  To learn more about long term work and travel, check out LiveWorkAnywhere.  

Learn new cultures and meet people from all over the world when you work remotely.  



Work for the best employers on earth, who believe in a good culture fit and who understand that your core benefit is your time and work/life balance.  They know that you perform best when left to your best work and you will outperform and outshine when you manage your own time.  

A lot of people want to work remotely.  We don’t have to convince you of that.  We promise our clients the best and brightest talent for long-term contract work.  If you’re a freelancer, great, who doesn’t want to find a long-term client?  Time, our most precious asset, is what we’re giving back to you.  

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