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The best talent handed to you at the final step of your decision making process.  

Do you have a challenging project that needs the best talent, and fast?

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.  We hand you the best talent and help you manage them.

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95% success rate placing high-performing talent.

Our Process

We act as an extension of your team.  From Startups to Enterprise.  

1. You have an RFP.  We get on a call to understand your project scope. 

2. We determine the path to success and present the best solution 

3. We present you with 3-5 teams that are the best fit for the project 

4. Together, we determine the best cultural fit, level of talent, and next steps 

5. Final evaluations and interviews take place and project begins 


We have a 95% success rate for placement of talent and projects completed.

Measuring Productivity

A happy employee is a high-performing employee.  We measure productivity and happiness and assign a project manager to each individual or team hire to ensure smooth transition. 

If your hire is not working out, we’ll step in to help work things out, or find a quick replacement so you’re ensured no downtime on your project.  

Transitioning to Remote

FullStackRemote takes the complications out of going remote by providing a seamless transition from in-office to remote.  

We help your company or team bridge the transition to remote team operability. 

Enquire about our Transition to Remote process and package.

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