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Compose (IBM): Support Engineer (355 views)

Headquarters: San Francisco, California URL: Our customer base is growing quickly, and we want your combination of sharp technical and warm people skills to help our customers solve problems and get the most out of their databases at Compose. We operate a fleet of various databases, so there is something for everyone: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, and likely many more! If you are a developer, DevOps/SRE magician, or database junkie and know how to help developers with technical questions, we want to talk to you. You will be most effective if you have an inquisitive nature, are technically-inclined and love to learn. We are not just looking to fight fires, we are looking to prevent them. We pride ourselves in providing top-notch support and guidance, so being able to communicate effectively with empathy and compassion is a must. This is the perfect position for a motivated learner who wants to gain experience within a vibrant team focused on building an intuitive and customer-focused product. Spending time with our customers and product will let you interact with all sorts of interesting characters and will help you grow into a high-end distributed systems engineering position (we need those too, so if you start on support and do a great job, there is a huge amount of room for growth). We're a distributed team and we work across many different time zones. If you're a night owl, an early riser, or somewhere in between, we're happy to accommodate untraditional work schedules -- our worldwide customers often need help at odd hours! Technical bits we hope you're good at (or can become good at):
  • Databases: We provide production-grade databases to our customers. Hopefully you've navigated a few, even if it was Visual FoxPro.
  • Linux: You'll want to know vmstat from sysstat and iftop from iotop. You should be comfortable with a text editor (vi, emacs, nano, makes no difference) and be able togrep | sed | awk your way through a mess of log files.
  • A language: They're not just for humans anymore! Ruby, Go, Python, JavaScript, Haskell... chicken!? Whatever works. We interface with developers every day, and the support team itself is a team of devops, system engineer, and developers. You'll be happiest if you can poke through someone else's code, and maybe hack out a little bit of your own.
  • Communication: You should like to communicate with people. Human-focused communication of technical things - it's a delicate balance!
  • Creative Problem-Solving: You'll face a wide range of weird, wild problems.
We're excited to see what sort of character will wind up in this role... a few helpful traits include:
  • Patient: You'll deal with many crisis-like situations. Being able to stay cool under fire is essential.
  • Driven: We're a self-managing organization that gives you the respect, trust and responsibility to operate with minimal oversight.
  • Compassionate: Compose is stuffed with many great hearts, minds, and spirits. We'd love for you to want to collaborate and grow with them.
  • Inventive: You'll need buckets of creativity to help you solve a wide range of (sometimes vague) conundrums.
  • Accepting: Freedom to fail! Things won't always work, but things will always iterate. This is a fun role and should feel that way.
Compose implements blind-hiring! Merit based, objectively graded work samples are the first step. We have worked hard to minimize our own biases as much as possible and find the best possible humans for the team. We respect a fancy education or a list of spectacular previous accomplishments, but nothing is more impressive than the right combination of ingredients - which you can objectively demonstrate. At any time during the process, we are available to chat (email, video, whatever you like) to ensure you are comfortable with the process and feel that you're being treated fairly and with respect. We look forward to meeting you! Please note: At this time we are only able to accept candidates in the United States, Canada, and the UK.--- Blind Hiring, The Compose Way The overall interview process is reasonably simple: sample exercises are the first major step. If you do well, then we have you work a day with us (which we'll pay you for). Afterwards, the possibility of an offer. The whole process is usually done within a few weeks. We understand that this is a big commitment for talented people. We think it's worth it, though, and we've done a lot of work to ensure our hiring process is as transparent, objective and respectful as possible - completing this work is the first step towards an enduring and productive work environment. If you'd like to learn more about how we've built our hiring process, visit this link: To apply: Visit to begin the process!