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Brad Murphy: Web SaaS CTO / Architect – Freelance (338 views)

Headquarters: Raleigh

This job is can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, however we prefer a native english speaking candidate.
BackgroundWe are building an Enterprise class Multi-Tenant SaaS Web and Mobile platform.  The first MVP we're just completing has been built with JS / Bootstrap / Angular on the front-end and a DBaaS in the cloud.  We are also using Storm path for enterprise grade authentication and user management.
We are now embarking on a series of additional major MVP feature sets.  These additional features will possibly be built with other technologies (Rails, Ionic, PHP, etc.).  We will likely pursue a MicroServices approach to our next MPV feature sets to allow us the ability to operate a polyglot stack allowing more rapid innovation and leverage of open source frameworks.
The Idea CandidateWe  seek a part-time, freelance CTO / Architect with serious start-up tech stack and product "chops"... someone that knows the complete modern web/mobile development stack and cloud landscape.   While we don't need you to write code, we do need you to have the skills and experience necessary to do the following:
Evaluate and design technical / architectural product build-out strategies based on the pros/cons of modern and legacy web programing stacks including:
  • JavaScript and all it's OSS and Commercial Variants - Node.js, Angular, Meteor, BootStrap, Ionic, etc.
  • Ruby/Rails and all it's Variants
  • Up and Comers to Rails:  Elixir/Phoenix
  • PHP/Yii2
  • MicroServices and Orchestrating Run-Time Environements
  • Cloud NOSql DB's - Mongo,  etc.

Evaluate, Advise and Propose Tech Stack / Micro Services Architectural Strategies for building out our Product MPV RoadMap the product based on trade-off's including:
  • Speed of Development
  • Availability of Globally Skilled, Affordable Developers
  • Scalability / Performance
  • Flexibility to Pivot
  • Speed of New Feature Development
  • Robustness / Maturity of Frameworks / Plug-In's

Additionally, the Ideal Candidate will be skilled in doing code review to ensure our developers are following ideal coding patterns and architectural patterns including:
  • Unit Test COverage
  • Integrate Test Coverage
  • Design Driven Design - BDD / TDD
  • Abstractions

Commitment / Scope
  • We anticipate a light, part-time on-going role involving 5-20 hours a months based on development activity.

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